Mental Cleaning with Ho'oponopono

Mental Cleaning with Ho'oponopono

The traditional Hawaiian practice of ho'oponopono provides us with a means of mental cleaning that can remove the negative emotional baggage our memories hold.

These are emotional blockages that hinder our path through life, restricting our ability to succeed and prosper in situations where this should otherwise be possible.

With these mental blockages out of the way, we can be free to move forward, prosper and enjoy the kind of success we deserve.

Why the Mind Needs to be Cleaned

clear the mindIt is not widely known about the mind's ability to repress certain memories associated with particularly abhorrent experiences.

The subconscious part of our mind does this without our conscious knowledge as a protective mechanism when we are young. It does this to get us through our formative years and grow into adulthood.

However, the repressed memory remains a part of us and continually seeks to reveal itself through often unrelated behavioral problems, anxiety and even irrational fears (phobias).

By cleaning via the ho'oponopono technique, we cause the repression to become known, allowing the mature adult mind to deal with it and ultimately let it go. This letting go is what removes the emotional blockage.

It aids in healing relationships that may have become strained as a result of the behavioral problem caused by the repressed emotional instance. It also allows us to move freely toward our own success in life.

How the Cleaning Process Works

Through repetition of the ho'oponopono mantra (the four short phrases) while being focused on the self, the retaining energy that holds onto the repression is changed.

To provide a visual image of what happens, imagine an energy field clenching tightly to the emotional bond retaining the memory in its hidden state. Then imagine that energy becoming diminished in its intensity as the ho'oponopono prayer is repeated, enabling the release of the hidden memory into the person's active mind.

Now fully revealed to the person, the memory can be examined, analyzed and via the process of compassion and forgiveness, come to terms with. It can then be thanked and released.

It is a process that is not entirely understood by even the top experts, but this explanation is a close as we can come to understanding the forces at work in this type of situation.

Healing Relationships

A cleaned mind can better deal with the intricacies of human relationships with better clarity of thought, unhindered by unconscious, negatively charged emotional obstacles.

A relationship can break down between people when one or more of them harbor unresolved emotionally distraught experiences within their mind's memory faculty. Tension can be produced when one or more people are exhibiting the outward-facing behavior associated with the repressed memory or memories.

This is often unrecognized as a cause, with an external experience being blamed for the behavior that lead to the breakdown in the relationship. However, once the true cause is cleaned and dealt with through a calm pace of ho'oponopono, the relationship can be healed, often with dramatic results.


A combination of meditation, prayer and forgiveness enables the reconciliation of many of our mishaps in life, from healing broken relationships to turning failure into success.

By cleaning the mind of its unwanted, negative emotional energy load, the newly transformed positive energy can now flow unhindered to produce positive results in all areas. It can truly change a person's life for the better in all kinds of ways.

The power of ho'oponopono lies in its simplicity and accessibility to anyone who wishes to heal and improve some aspect of their life and enjoy success, prosperity and an abundance of happiness, love and pure joy.

Posted: February 13, 2024