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Finding Inner Tranquillity with Ho'oponopono

We live in a high stress world that detaches us from our spiritual selves, so finding inner tranquillity through ho'oponopono can help us realign and reattach.

Incorporating the Hawaiian practice of ho'oponopono to clean past emotional trauma and wrongness from our subconscious can help us to manage outer stress through inner calm.

The practice allows us to connect with our inner world, where peace, wisdom and fulfilment originate.

How Ho'oponopono Brings Contentment

contentmentHo'oponopono is basically a fairly simple practice that anyone can learn to incorporate into their lives.

There is nothing particularly difficult that requires years of ardent study or the strictest dedication by a select number of esoteric practitioners to acquire sufficient practical skills. Almost anyone with a keen interest in improving their lives can reap the rewards of practising the technique.

Contentment can be found in its simple practice by the gentle elimination of limiting emotional burdens erected unconsciously through life.

When freed of any burden, does this not result in a level of contentment in relation to the severity of the burden?

The use of ho'oponopono to clean the mind over time can result in the identification, acceptance of and subsequent removal of psychologically damaged memories. Through the practice, the cleaning of our subconscious of lingering negative emotions and guilt is achieved, thus freeing us from the stresses that result from repressed, negative emotional experiences.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, the prominent therapist and ho'oponopono practitioner made the point that you must "focus on yourself, not others."

Therein lies a timeless wisdom that demonstrates that true knowledge, peace and tranquillity exist internally.

A Glimpse into the Spiritual World

An interesting aspect of the practice of ho'oponopono is its revelation that our physical universe is little more than a reflection of our mental state.

Since our consciousness is a fluid and constantly evolving energy, so our external world is in a state of constant change. This is well evidenced by what we can clearly see with our own eyes.

Current scientific theories may tell us one thing, but the ho'oponopono practitioner knows that what is true now may not be so at any time in the future. We have allowed ourselves as a civilization to become trapped by limited physical hypotheses, while knowledge of our true nature is kept tantalizingly out of our reach.

Instead, we can be guided in cleaning our mental wrongs to a realization of the true harmony and spiritual perfection that is our actual nature.


It is commonly believed that when learning something new, misunderstandings will arise.

A frequently held interpretation of ho'oponopono is its perception as an intellectual quest. On the contrary, rather than to seek external validation, its base function is a means of turning our focus inwardly, directing our attention on inner strengths for outer growth.

By discovering our inner wisdom, we negate the need to seek enlightenment in in the external.


When life seems to throw all manner of misfortune at us for no apparent reason, practising a traditional Hawaiian prayer meditation technique such as ho'oponopono allows the simplified means of seeking answers within.

Through the cleansing of karmic clutter from our consciousness, we can align with the spiritual to find harmony, wisdom and peace within. We then regain control over our external world by reclaiming our spiritual selves.

Practice ho'oponopono and clean your mind to revitalize your life. True wisdom exists within through its discovery, inner peace and tranquillity will follow.

Posted: February 26, 2024