how fast does ho'oponopono work?

How Fast Does Ho'oponoponoo Work?

When working with an ancient Hawaiian prayer technique to resolve a personal problem, it's normal to want to see results. So how fast does ho'oponopono work?

Using this technique is a powerful form of personal prayer that seeks to restore harmony and healing within a person.

It can also be used to restore relationships and to help individuals find inner peace.

Used by Hawaiians for many thousands of decades, it is now recognized as a powerful self empowerment and healing tool.

It helps clear the subconscious mind, and is believed to promote healing.

Ho'oponopono can work in a surprisingly short time, between a few moments and several days, although this will vary from person to person depending on the level of healing required.

Ho'oponopono and Time

The duration that ho'oponopono takes to work can be affected by the intensity of your feelings and how long it takes you to deeply clean the mind of its imbalances and obstructions.

Generally speaking, the longer one has been practising, the faster things will progress. Naturally, the more deeply rooted the problem, the longer cleaning will take to remove it from the subconscious mind and allow the person to move forward in their life.

Therefore, the process can take from a day to several weeks or months, depending upon the individual.

This practice should not hurriedly be performed, but rather one step should be taken at a given time. You should remember that ho'oponopono, while a powerful healing tool, is not something that can be done in a hurry. Instead, observe time and patience.

The methodology includes taking responsibility and forgiving both oneself and other people, and also asking permission from the Divine to be forgiven. This practice brings healing to the body by restoring harmony and equilibrium in life.

Timeframe for Results

ho'oponopono timeframeThe results of ho'oponopono will vary from person-to-person depending on their commitment to practice, the severity and energy they put into it, as well as the time frame.

There are some people who see positive results after a couple of weeks, or even a day. Some people, for example, find that as soon they begin to practice the technique of ho'oponopono their mood begins to improve. Some people might take a while to notice any changes.

To get the best results, you must remain patient and dedicated to your practice.

The Speed Impact Factors

Depending on the person, ho'oponopono will produce different results from the next and this can be one of the simplest factors that govern how long the process will take to be successful.

Here are some other common time-reliant factors:

The longer and harder an individual practices ho'oponopono for, the quicker results they can expect.

To achieve success, it is important that you have a relaxed mind and an open heart. This helps to create a stronger connection with the technique.

Lastly, one's physical environment can affect the speed at which results appear. If the environment is filled up with positive energy such as relaxing music or sounds of nature, then it will help facilitate faster results.

Establishing Regular Practice

The most important step to make ho'oponopono effective is to have a consistent pattern of activity. You must be committed to starting and maintaining the practice regularly and often.

One reason to work and clean with ho'oponopono regularly is to develop the necessary confidence to use it.

The regular practice of ho'oponopono will help one become familiar with Hawaiian words or mantras that are associated with it, as well as more comfortable in the concept and act of releasing. The exercise will be more powerful and effective if you do this.

Connecting with Positive People and Places

Spending time in places and with people where healing and growth can occur is a great way to clean as you build relationships with people who will support you.

Connecting with positive individuals can help us gain new perspectives, learn more about our own strengths and weaknesses, and build an effective network of support. Spending quality time in environments that promote positive emotions helps us recognize and overcome our weaknesses.

Building these connections can take time but it's important to remember it's worthwhile. This will help us gain insight into the issues we face and eventually work them through with greater ease.


The length of time that it takes ho'oponopono (to work or provide positive results) varies from one person to another.

Keep practising and repeating the mantra and have patience as it can take some time before you see the desired outcome. In order to maximize ho'oponopono's effectiveness, you should also remain open-minded.

Ho'oponopono with an open heart and some dedication can be powerful to bring healing, balance and peace into one's own life. The benefits can be experienced as soon a you begin repeating the four phrase mantra to yourself over and over.

Posted: July 11, 2023