Welcome to the "About" page of this website: 'Ho'oponopono: Discover Its Secrets'! On this page, you will find out what this site is all about, meet its author and discover its purpose.

It has for some time been my passion to learn as much as I can about the unseen forces that act upon us that shape our lives and direct our fate. When I found out about ho'oponopono while watching a talk given by Dr. Joe Vitale and how it can be used to heal and cleanse the mind, emotions and the spirit, I jumped straight in and got busy learning all I could about it.

What I discovered was fascinating.

Who Am I?

terry didcottI'm Terry Didcott, long time student and practitioner of life laws such as the Law of Attraction and how these powers influence our lives in ways that most of us are unaware.

I'm also a qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist as well as a keen musician... but that's another story.

I decided, many years ago, that I was not going to be left out in the cold by knowledge that was there to be learned, absorbed and understood.

Anyone can learn this life influencing knowledge. There is more than sufficient material to read, listen to and watch on the overall subject of personal development, with no shortage of teachers to help you understand it as best as it can be understood.

While I may give the impression that I, along the many prominent teachers and practitioners of this subject are highly knowledgeable, we have still a long way to go to fully understand what we know and use to enrich our lives.

Of course, it's reasonable to consider that we know the basics and can extend our understanding further toward greater enlightenment. Yet the completed puzzle is still lacking some of the important pieces.

It's up to people like me and you to learn as much as we can about this subject while using the healing and mind cleansing power of ho'oponopono to help the process go more smoothly. So that we can continue along our journey to a fuller understanding of what we have here.

Who is eager to join me on this journey of discovery?